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 Just Dogs With Sherri: "Life" Written By: Sherri Regalbuto  

Life is not always wonderful, it would be great if it was wouldn't it? On a daily basis I am sent sad, horrific, unbelievable and heart wrenching emails, posts, news bites, videos and photos.  It can be tough to deal with and often I can't deal with it needing to pass. But I learned long ago that sometimes you have to look. 

The simple act of turning your head does indeed save you heartache but does it stir emotion?  No, it doesn't have a chance to. 

If your insides are never churned around, you will never be moved, perhaps moved to make a difference.  

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So sometimes we have to look, to see how others may be suffering to stir our emotions.  It is most definitely not easy, I have seen many things that I wish I'd never seen but these things are real, and they are happening.  To close your eyes and hope that it goes away is a pipe dream.  The only way that things change, that people change is to experience some of life's gut wrenching real life scenarios.  

Many of these moments are very sad, no doubt tear shedding moments.  But we shed tears when we feel, feeling is a good thing even when it is a bad thing.  Most of the movers and shakers in the rescue industry were moved to make a change.  Many people had no idea until one day they make themselves see.  Many celebrities involved in doing good have seen an unbearable truth, so unbearable that they were moved to act, to make a difference.  Celebrities can make a very big difference simply by being a celebrity and leading by example.

Life is all about giving back.  Sometimes we are not able to give as much as we might like but there are so many ways to give.  Time is a huge gift to give anyone, especially those in need.  Everyone has a talent, lend yours to someone who could use it.  Even a small voice can make a big difference if people are listening.  So the next time something comes across your desk that has you opting to click out, maybe watch a little. 

Feel, be moved.  Life needs you.

- Sherri Regalbuto - Just Dogs with Sherri

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