Just Dogs With Sherri: "Really?" Written By: Sherri Regalbuto  

Really? I mean REALLY? Today's blog is sort of a rant, I need to vent. So yesterday morning I had two similar incidents but different. The first which I will quickly discuss because it is not dog related but it is related to the second incident. Really? Okay; I'm at the gym on the cables, which are situated near the crunch machines, too near as far as I'm concerned. When I use the cable machine I'm normally way out so that I don't hurt my back. This means I'm about 6 " from the crunch bench (where people do oober sit ups). A woman comes by and at the last minute acts like she is startled to see me standing there. I was there the whole time. Okay; so she wants to use the machine on the other side of me. Literally 6" from my face she is humming and hawing about how to get over there. I AM DEFINITELY IN THE WAY. "GO AROUND" I'm thinking to myself. She just has to walk around my machine to the other side, nooooooooooo she pushes her way past my face. REALLY?

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Now the next incident was at the park and it really left me with my mouth hanging open, REALLY?  So Jess and I were walking early at the park, Jessie weighs all of 14lbs and is pretty darn tiny.  A lady comes up from behind us with a very boisterous yellow lab so I move over close to Jessie and lock up her leash to let them pass.  The woman stops and waits; not sure what she was waiting for.  Jessie and I proceeded at our snail pace.  Then she does a big huff; lets her dog's extension leash go and starts our way.  There was no way she was waiting for the two snails to move along.  At this point I say "she's not friendly," as I see her big boy coming right for us.  Another big huff; and she says "I need past, I want to get by, what am I to do then?"  REALLY?

Jessie and I are taking up literally a 3' square piece of land.  The entire park is left, oodles and oodles of room to go around.  With a giant QUESTION MARK over my head; I tell her "go around, go past."  She has only about 50 feet or more to go around us.  At this point she was really ticked off with Jessie and I.  How dare we hold her up, hold this patch of the path ransom for this little old devil Jack Russell.  Even if Jessie was super friendly, at almost 15 she does not need a rambunctious lab stomping all over her.  I yelled again, now growing angry at the lack of respect for others that this woman was showing "GO AROUND!!!!!"  She acted like this go around concept was foreign, how could she reel her dog in and walk around this person and tiny dog?

Once she figured out this complicated situation and how to overcome it they stormed past us. And as soon as she had passed us she saw another lab, a puppy. She loudly stated for all (us) to hear. There is a big dog puppy fix I needed this morning." "A big friendly puppy." Yes, I heard this; how could I not, she was yelling. The people with the other lab didn't know what hit them, they just sort of stood there as she ranted and stormed past again.  Did it make me feel bad? She had intended it as a big time insult. No; it made me think even less of this woman than I already did. I'm just fine with
Jessie and I.  

Had this woman thought for just one second about someone else, this would not have happened.  She could have happily reined in her leash and walked by without leaving the path just like everyone else does.  You never know why people are doing what they are doing.  Jessie and I were walking slow because she is almost 15 and walks very slow.  She is also dealing with a stagger from the Dementia that has now hit her.  I wasn't walking with my arms out yelling that the woman couldn't pass.  I moved right over to the side to allow her to pass, I know we are slow.  

All I have to say about yesterday's walk is MEAN PEOPLE SUCK.

- Sherri Regalbuto - Just Dogs with Sherri

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