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As you may know here on I Love My Dog, we rescued Snoopy in 2010. Snoopy is a 7 Year Old Beagle and he fit right into our family. We took some time and looked around the various Dog Shelters for a dog that we felt was a match. We had the whole family with us and it was quite the learning experience and very rewarding. Adopt a Sheltered Dog Today!

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We recently asked our I Love My Dog Fans to share their experience and also give some advice about finding and owning a Rescued/Sheltered Dog. Their feedback speaks volumes...

Carrie Anne
We rescued our first dog, Maximus, and we adopted our second dog, Isis. Maximus had a family that kept him in his kennel in the garage literally 20 hours a day. Dad let him out in the morning before he went to work and again in the evenings when he got home. The wife didn't want the dog to ruin her brand new furniture and the kids were afraid of him (the lab puppy grew MUCH faster than the kids did), so he never got any interaction during the day. He was with that family from 8 wks to 5 or 6 months. We "took him off their hands" because my friend, who happened to be their neighbor, couldn't stand that the lab - a very energetic breed - had not interaction with anyone. Maximus is now 2 years old and pretty much has the run of the house. He even gets up on my brand new couch when he thinks I'm not looking. ;)

I felt like Maximus needed a playmate, so we spent weeks looking for the perfect match for him. We went to several different shelters because I couldn't imagine spending hundreds of dollars on a dog when there are perfectly good "best friends" in a shelter. Finally, an 8-week old puppy (we think something mixed with a lab) showed up in the local shelter. My boyfriend decided that she was the one, and that little puppy was waiting for me when I got home from work. She is now 10 months old and quite happy. The two of them are still learning how to play "nicely" with each other (they bite and growl when they play... maybe that's normal? but it sure does scare the neighbors' kids) They'll figure it out one day. Sometimes, they are definitely a handful, but I couldn't imagine my life without them. ;)
Mickie Jenkins I work for a vet and a humane society and minnie came into the shelter dying, so I took her to my vet and took 2 month to get her better. she almost died during her treatments and I told her I would be her new mommy if she lived, she got better and I'm her mommy now!!!
Kathy Dunham Molly - Yellow Lab adopted from Humane Society in Fort Lauderdale (she's a beach girl!) and Rocket - cattle dog mix adopted from Friends for Life, where I now volunteer ( Regardless of where you get your furry friend, always remember to ADOPT - DON'T SHOP!
William Higgins got my dog Friday from Lou. humane society her name is Lucy '2 yrs. old beagle. a lot of dogs there need homes.
Nikki Schnell Killmer:
There is not enough room here to add the story of my 4 dogs I've adopted!

1. Petfinder is a great place to start looking for available dogs.

2. Don't let distance of the shelter be a deciding factor, if it's far enough away make a weekend trip of it to check it out. many shelters will make arrangements to meet you halfway or find other shelters to help with transport. (we have adopted out as far away as NY, PA & CO, we're in IA, with the help of even truck drivers) (:

3. If you must go with a purebred please do your research. ask questions of a breed specific rescue. they are there to help!

4. Mixed breeds are just as wonderful as the purebred. so please don't pass them by!!

5. Please be patient in your search for that perfect new family member. it takes time and you will appreciate them so much more that getting a pet as an impulse purchase!!

6. Also be patient with the shelter or rescue you request an application from. as with our shelter it takes time to review the application and do the reference checks. because we want to make sure that you are the right fit for who you are applying for. since bringing them back does have a emotional affect on the dog and the shelter volunteers, not just you. these emotions can turn physical in the dog and affect their health.

I could go on but I am out of time. thanks for reading!
April Carroll
I rescued my palm chiwow and shitz zhu mix from some people that were going to throw them in the dumpster. The dad died before the puppies were born. All of the puppies died before they were one except for my Cupid. Her mom got put in the dumpster. I would have had her 10 on valentines day, but she died last fall from a tangle with a wild dog. All they left her with is her head and spine! She is buried where her and my dad had their walks. I miss her Very much! A couple weeks ago my dad came home with a little tea cup and mini chiwow. She was covered in fleas and had the mange. She is now flea and mange free and re growing her hair!!! Her name is Bella!
Christy Marie Wahl
All my dogs were rescued. Bruiser who is now 6 was adopted when he was one (estimated age because of being found on the streets) He came from an abusive family who just threw him on the streets after they were done with. He suffered from separation anxiety for months. When we left him he would go crazy & tear up things. We tried everything the vet told us to do but none of it worked. We finally had the idea to get a second dog to keep him company while we were gone. Which turned out to be just what he needed. He's the best dog now. Cali who's 5 was adopted when she was 8 weeks old at the human society & Rudy who is now 3 was adopted at 10 weeks old.

I think people need to realize that dogs can be alot of work. They adopt them because their so cute but then get rid of them cuz they can't handle them. Before adopting I would make sure your completely ready for the responsibility.

Jennie Martinez
I adopted my heeler mix, Max, when he was 3 months old at a shelter in Nampa, Idaho. That was in June, 2002. A week later he was diagnosed with Parvo, which he survived! He loves to get in my truck, and sit in the extra cab part with his "sister", until I start the engine. Then he trembles and pants. He has for years, not sure why. He lives to play fetch! In 2008, Max was paralyzed. He had a blown disk in his lower back. I took him to a Vet in Reno, Nv. Wonderful, painfully honest surgeon, told he Max had a less than 30% chance of walking again and showed me the special X-rays of his back. The disk material had compressed his spinal cord. Steroids were tried first, didn't work. I went ahead with the surgery and still 4 days later Max couldn't walk. On the 5th day, he got up. I was able to take him home in 10 more days, for a long recovery period of 6 weeks. We did exercises with his back legs. I made a sling with pampers on it and I carried him out to go potty. No stairs, no jumping on me or furniture. Now! he is almost as good as new and....he lives to play fetch :-)
Mary Lind We adopted our Stella through Petfinder and a local rescue back in June of 2009...
Wendy Loyd-Cook
One of my six rescues is my pug Angus. He was picked up on the streets of small town Oklahoma with a Husky and a Standard Poodle. (He's quite the player) He landed in a dog pound where they SHOOT the dogs if they're not claimed in three days....Thankfully someone from the pound called the rescue I adopted him from and they came and picked him and his girlfriends up and I found him on He and my husband (who thought pugs were ugly) are now INSEPARABLE! Another rescue of mine is my pug Petey. He was abused by three small boys for the first ten months of his life and was surrendered to the same rescue I adopted Angus from. I also found him on and fell in love with him the moment I saw his photo. It took several months but he finally came out of his frightened little shell and has become quite the character! I could go on and on about my rescues....
Christine A. Varcoe
All my pets are rescues, my dog Brandi though was rescued from a shelter that saved her from a puppy mill and was close to death poor thing was less than 11 pounds terrified of people and could barely stand. Even had a bum paw (which has ne...ver held her up and causes no pain) probably broken and healed wrong. She is now an AMAZING healthy, loving, secure dog! She was on death row at the shelter and considered unadoptable thank god Heart Bandits rescue which is in Illinois/Indiana drove to Kentucky and scooped her up! We have had her over 2 1/2 years now and even adopted a sister for her from Heart Bandits as well.
Samantha Peterson
my grandma and i always find ourselves in the situation of rescuing an animal. dogs and cats we've rescued. now the most recent dog- is an german shepard mixed with a lab. i can't describe to you how much energy she has- i drive up and down... the driveway on a fourwheeler 10+ times a day or so and the energy never stops! i should request her to be the new mascot of the energizer batteries, she seems to have a million of those in her somewhere. i could have her run around the world a few times and she'd be happier then ever. by the way her tail wags, you know shes found a home to be happy of. in the wildlife and rolling fields she can run on all day. ♥
Lisa Lombardo
I got Misty @an animal shelter in Chicago Ridge, IL. She was 11 months and listed as a Shepherd Mix. Misty was in the "sick" room when I got her due to a broken leg-she had 15 staples and was recovering. I later found out through DNA, she i...s a samoyed mix and after some research I also found out she was in the shelter at least 3 times. The first time as an 6 week old puppy-she was adopted out, they kept her for about 3-4 months and brought her back. She sat at the shelter for another couple months, then she was adopted again. This time she was brought back after about two months--I believe she was brought back in with the broken leg. Then I came along and five years later I couldn't be happier or blessed with a better dog.
Kelly Peterson I have two Bloodhounds, one from a rescue and one adopted, also an adopted Boxer, and rescued Pit Bull mix....I love them all incredibly. (I also have a Golden Retriever) My dogs are the light of my life and they make my husband and I as happy as we make them! ♥ ♥
Sandra Justis
I adopted or should I say a sweet Golden Lab/Corgie cross adopted my son at our local shelter. We had recently lost both my parents and had some sad times and I felt we needed a new adventure and a pup could provide just that. Once at the s...helter, I was looking at taking a different one home that day, when the volunteer at the shelter said, "Look down there" I looked and saw a little blond 1 year old pup who was looking at my son kinda the way I always did, with huge heart smiling love. That's all it took, and we left that day with our sweet Jewel. My son left for college a year and a half later and then it was just Jewel and I. She was and is my saving grace in so many things. Not only did she become the best side-kick a 2- legger could ever have, she also became a very best puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind, when I decided we needed another adventure, one that could benefit the visually impaired. She and I are on puppy in training number 6 and at 10 years old, Jewel is going strong. Funny thing is not sure who rescued who with Jewel and I. Happy Tailwags and have fun with the new site! ~Sandi & Jewely Jewels =]
Nancy Ryan Bruno my Basset Hound was found on the side of the road starved to death with sores all over him. The day I got him we were BOTH lucky. I hope my other Basset Roscoe doesn't read because I have to say that Bruno is the sweetest and cutest dog I have ever had. He has been a great companion for both Roscoe and me! Bruno is healthy, handsome, and full of energy now and affirms my belief that two dogs are better than one!
Tiffany Huddleston Our older one, Speckles, was a rescue, we found her running down the highway skinny as a rail. We've had her 10 yrs now. Our young one, Bella, was adopted 3 yrs ago. She, her mother and litter mates were found by a dumpster.. Rescued by a shelter and put up for adoption, we adopted her the first day!
Camy Rimmel
Ranger is my first rescue dog! I used to work at a corporate company that had animal shelters come and show off their cute lil pups up for adoption. I was in the process of moving into an apartment with a few of my friends and wanted to res...cue a dog. I walked down the line of pups and saw this big eared, big brown eyed Basenji/Lab mix. I asked if I could get him out of his cage to see how he was with me, he BOLTED out and started jumping all over me giving me the biggest kisses ever. They said he's always been so timid since he's been with the shelter and has never acted this way towards anyone! It was love at first site. He was 11 months old when I got him in 2009 and he's been my best friend ever since. Everyday is an adventure with him, he would do anything for me and I would give him the world if I could! lol He loves tennis balls, and actually loves to wear clothes! Haha
Rosanne DeTommaso Romano My dog Romeo, a/k/a Ike, Boo, Bub, etc. (he has so many names) was adopted 8 years ago after my beautiful chow chow Bear got very sick and I had to put him down. I was devastated and what got me through was adopting my beautiful Romeo You should really consider getting a dog. Get a dog today and a rescue is the way to go!
Cathy Mintz I have a rescued Pit Bull her name is Raven. She is a great dog!!
Susan-Paul Goodenough We just adopted Macy a week ago from the North shore Animal League in Port Washington, NY. She was an eight week old black lab mix. She is a GREAT dog--we are loving her so much. In just a week she has brought so much joy (and work!!!) to our lives!!!!

Lyn Hartwell: I adopted 2 beagles from my friends Beagle rescue. forever home Beagle Rescue. Snoopy and Luci, Both females and the sweetest dogs ever.

Ginger McComas Peel:
Roxie ~ rescued in Harrison co . Ky . Puppy mill mommy ~ cranked out multiple pups before rescue ( white schnauzer ) in Aug 2001 . Was malnourished, matted , and terrified of humans . Now happy and healthy ..... Slightly Overweight . And much loved by the Peel family ~

Beth Jermyn Reed We adopted our Lab/Terrier mix from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA. He is a "sato" dog (rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico). He has brought us nothing but happiness for all the 51/2 years we've had him!!!

Susan Belt Rescued two Shih-Tzu's, litter mates, brother and sister four years ago. They are now 11 years old and wonderful little loves! Teddy Bear is the little boy and Princess is the little girl and rules the house! I love the breed, these are the fourth and fifth I have owned.

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