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Brushing Your Dog's Teeth:
Brought to you by Better Homes & Gardens (Better.tv)and Voxant
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Brushing your dog's teeth is very important. This video
states that you should brush your dog's teeth 1-2 times per week.

One very important message in this video is DO NOT use human toothpaste because it is toxic. Also, the kind of toothpaste made for Dogs is safe and digestible.

The only hard part about brushing your dog's teeth is remembering to do so. The author states that you should keep your dog's toothbrush nearby and even in your bathroom for a reminder.

They also recommend that if you need assistance to also ask your dog's veterinarian for a simple demonstration and they would be happy to do so.

More Brushing advice with demonstration:
Brought to you by EHow.com and YouTube